Why Your Business Needs Hosted Voip Phone System

by | Feb 6, 2014 | Web development software‎

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VoIP is an acronym that refers to voice over Internet protocol. Investing in a Hosted Voip Phone System is becoming an increasingly more popular choice in the business world. This is because it is a phone system that gives you the opportunity to send and receive phone calls using the Internet instead of land line or a cell phone. This, in turn, would give you the opportunity to outsource managing your phone calls to a call center or call center agents anywhere in the world.

When your company has a Hosted Voip Phone System you do not have to worry about geographic boundaries. You will be able to send and receive phone calls from anywhere in the world without having to worry about the cost. You can even opt for a VoIP phone system that includes video and audio chat. This way you can see your customers and they can see you.

If the current telephone network you are using has a habit of dropping your calls it is because your service has been disrupted or you maxed out the capacity of your network. Dropped calls are not only frustrating, but they are bad for business. While you know that the call dropped because of the service, the person on the other end might think you hung up on them. The only thing you would have to worry about with a VoIP system is that you have a reliable Internet connection.

If you are the owner of an older business company you should stop and think about how long the current phone system has been in place. When some of your older staff retires you are going to need to bring in some fresh and new faces. These younger staff members might not have the slightest clue how to use an older telephone network.

If you run a business that relies on sending and receiving phone calls you are going to want to consider investing in the Hosted Voip Phone System services at Veritivity. You can Contact Veritivity and ask them directly about the VoIP phone systems that they offer to businesses. One of their consultants can help you determine whether or not a VoIP phone system would suit the needs of your business.

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