Managing Contracts as a Small Business

by | Sep 30, 2014 | Web development software‎

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Contract-intensive fields can seem intimidating, especially for those just starting their own business. There is a mountain of legal issues to deal with as well as organization and management concerns – all on top of the actual service(s) that must be performed! Many new self-employed consultants and other small businesses are not aware of available software designed to ease these burdens. A variety of products exist that can help handle legal issues as well as help you manage your contracts.

How Many Contracts Should I Obtain Before Investing in Software?

This answer is short and simple: Invest in contract administration software now. You should not wait until you secure your first contract before thinking about using this software, because it will help you verify the legal language for your first contract so that you can determine whether you can meet all requirements or need to modify the language. However, if your business is already established and solidifying contracts regularly, this software is also meant for you. As you acquire more contracts, the program will help you manage them by tracking progress and deadlines so that you do not fall behind on deliverables or commitments. It also serves as an excellent organizational tool, arranging contracts alphabetically and/or by type or date, etc. The user has full control over how to manage and organize contracts.

Save Money on Legal Fees

By using contract administration software, there is no need to hire a legal attorney for your business. Such attorneys can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars simply to review your contracts and process paperwork. The software is designed to provide legally-compliant language for various types of contracts that are easily customizable. Government clients are especially particular about contract details and ensuring that all requirements are clearly defined and met, so be sure to spend time customizing your contracts and reviewing each detail. The software will walk you through the steps for creating quality, tailored contracts.

Secure Return Business

As a small business (especially a relatively new business), you want to ensure that you portray yourself professionally in order to instill confidence in your client. Instead of trying to develop your own contract language or copy standard language that you find online (which cannot be fully trusted), invest in contract administration software so that you can be sure that your work is professionally crafted and well received. This will help set a strong foundation with new clients and set the stage for return business.


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