Why You Should Automate Your Social Media Activities

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Web Promotion

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With 90%+ of your fellow Americans using smartphones to access websites and social media, the use of an automated social media marketing tool is essential if you are to place yourself with or ahead of your competition so that you can connect with customers and anyone that can influence your business. This may also provide the opportunity for you to attract investors into your business or organization.

Syncing Your Blog with The World

Although many businesses treat their blog as separate from their social media activities, the content from your blog can sync with your social media updates so that all your potential and current customers receive the opportunity to be redirected to your blog at any moment of importance.

Recycling Your Twitter Content

Many of your customers may miss your Twitter feed. Those same customers will be annoyed if they see your tweets too often. Your automated social media marketing tool can help you analyze the most effective number of times to send out the same content, giving different audiences the opportunity to see what you should say.

Consistent Use of Positive Material

Where you have a blog or social media status that has performed exceptionally well in the past, you can use your automated social media marketing tool to share this content again, regularly and effectively. Marketing experts suggest that customers often need to see specific information about your organization several times before they will make the decision whether to make contact or not.

There is only so much time that you and your colleagues can organize the effort and time frame to ensure that your social media reaches clients at the time best for your organization. By automating your output, you can work when you want to know that your social media will work at the correct time.

Cleartail provides automated social media marketing tools where you can complete the work yourself within an all in one suite; work with the company to share the workload or ask them to complete all the work for you. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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