Hosting dedicated server – What you stand to Gain with this Innovative Technology

by | Jan 16, 2014 | Web Hosting

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Many companies hosting dedicated server are normally in need of greater Internet resources and freedom of accessing their hosting services. One service offered by many server-hosting companies is dedicated hosting. Some of these services have additional features such as cpanels to allow users to manage their accounts. Dedicated server hosting involves leasing entire servers rather than sharing server resources with other clients. Web hosts can provide additional features such as cPanel to allow clients with a cPanel account to manage their dedicated hosting.


Dedicated web hosting allows clients to use more bandwidth because they do not share their servers with others. Users are flexible enough to switch from shared to dedicated hosting and back again using a cPanel. CPanels are popular because they allow customers to migrate from one host to another without any form of disruptions. Website security is a priority for most website owners. Customers who invest on a dedicated server are the only people who can access their servers. This eliminates the chances of virus and spyware infiltration.

Many companies go for dedicated server hosting because it enables them to customize their websites. Clients can customize their sites without going through all the inconveniences of a shared plan. The features that can be customized range from website operating systems to the server RAM. Customers have the freedom to choose the type of control panel that they are most comfortable using. Having a dedicated server enhances reliability. Customers whose websites run on a dedicated server do not have to worry about all the other traffic on their servers. Loading time of websites on a shared plan is dependent on incoming and outgoing traffic from other websites. Dedicated server hosting eliminates this problem by providing bandwidth that is exclusive to the customer’s website. This is greatly beneficial for websites that use applications and video feeds.


There is no industry standard for web hosting. Therefore, the specific terms of web hosts vary from one firm to another. Some firms do not offer management. This means that customers have to maintain server upgrades. However, some companies offer managed dedicated hosting, which offers staff support to clients hosting dedicated server when they need maintenance or other services.

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