What To Consider In An SMTP Email Server

by | Nov 27, 2014 | Web Hosting

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For most small to medium sized businesses, and even some internationally based global businesses, using an SMTP email server through an email service provider company is a better option than an in-house SMTP server.

By using a company that is providing packages of different sizes that will meet the needs you have for an SMTP email server you get all the advantages of fast email delivery without any of the maintenance, upgrades, upkeep and constant monitoring of the system that is needed. This means that your staff can simply do the job that they are hired to do while the specialized email service provider handles all your bulk outgoing email campaigns as well as your transactional emails.

Know Your Limits

Often small companies or start-ups use their current ISP (internet service provider) SMTP server. This may be a great option, and very low cost, when you are small. It is important to realize that your internet company does have a cap or a limit on the number of outgoing emails you can send per day and that getting marked as spam from these systems is common.

Your specific hosting company may also be an option but again only when you are not exceeding those limits. Many of these are as low as 200 per day while some require a one second delay between messages and only so many per minute or hour. These SMTP email server typically reset every 24 hours, leaving time when you have no outgoing email for any reason once the limit is reached.

Companies Offering SMTP Email Server Packages

Depending on your needs, either for dedicated or transactional SMTP email server options, you will find that companies offering this service provide you with a range of different options. This can include 5000 or less emails per day outgoing to up to 10,000,000 per day or unlimited sending options.

By choosing these companies and selecting for a company that allows you to advance your plan as your needs grow you never have downtime with your outgoing email. Your SMTP email server will handle everything you need to send while also providing you with support, templates, tracking and integration with your other companies on social media and through your website.

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