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by | May 25, 2016 | SEO

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There is no other way to grow your business and become more profitable than to attract a greater number of customers to buy your products and services. This has been the task of marketing departments since businesses began. In centuries gone by, a business relied on word-of-mouth. Since the age of the printing press, it’s been all about advertisements in publications, followed eventually by billboards, and sponsorships. Every effort was exerted to make customers aware of a business. Until a potential customer knew of the existence of a company, it was impossible for them to making a buying decision. Thus, finding channels to create brand and name awareness has always been uppermost in all business owners’ minds.

How digital marketing has changed everything

You’re probably aware that almost every shopper in the US is using the Internet to find products and services – this is the new consumer pattern. As a result, like most companies, you’ve probably invested in a website. You may have used professionals to help you and may be very happy with the look of your landing page, as well as the content and pictures that make your site appealing, attractive, and informative. However, what if potential customers never find your page? Unless they know the name of your business and are actively searching for you, how do you know whether your business will ever be presented to them? This is when you need to learn more about how Internet searches are conducted.

Making use of search engine optimization services (SEO)

Many marketing people are still stumped as to how to optimize SEO, which is why they often turn to professionals for help. Sometimes they post an article that goes viral; the next week they provide something similar that barely gets any hits, and they realize that they’re still learning about what works and what doesn’t. From an SEO perspective, it’s important to remember that the companies providing these search engines want to guide their customers to the most valuable sites, with the most pertinent information. Algorithms are used to decide which companies are best suited based on the keywords used in searches, and it’s these companies that will appear at the top of related searches. Your job is to raise your ranking with these search engines, as the difference between being ranked at the top or near the bottom translates into profits.

A specialist marketing firm will want to know exactly who your target market is, and what keywords they would be likely to use when searching. Creating excellent content around these keywords through articles that will be interesting and informative to the target market is a good starting point. Images are most attractive to readers, who might be put off with too much copy. You also need to refrain from ‘keyword stuffing’, which is when you repeat the keywords too often in an article, and lose your reader as a result. Actually, you will probably also deter the search engine companies this way, as they’ve been known to penalize businesses that use this heavy-handed approach.

Your business will greatly benefit from search engine optimization services. Assist My Marketing has extensive expertise in this area and will definitely be well suited to assist you.

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