The Difference Between DVD Duplication and Replication

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Computers

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Are you thinking about having your professional or personal works duplicated or replicated, and you’re not sure what process to go with? Then you might want to check out the differences between the two and the end results in this article.

The Process

DVD duplication is similar to burning a DVD on a personal computer. A DVD duplicator mines the data from the master disc and then writes it onto a blank disc. The difference between burning one at home and having one processed at a facility is that the facility has hundreds of towers linked together, so they can make hundreds of DVDs at one time, rather than you having to make them one at a time with your laptop or computer. It saves you a lot of time, and you don’t have to worry about getting a bad DVD!

DVD replicates are created during the manufacturing process of the DVD. Media such as DVD does not exist before the process begins. Before the replication process starts, the client master will evaluate the data for corruption. Then, a glass master with the relevant data from the client master is made. Replication will start when a flawless glass master is created. The glass master will then be used to make a stamper. The stamper is loaded into an Injection molding machine that then makes the DVD replicate.

The sleeve for the DVD is then made. The DVD is put into the sleeve, or it can be put into a hard case.

Advantages of Duplicates

  • DVD duplicates are quick to make, even if the order is large
  • There is digital full color printing available

Advantages of DVD Replication

  • The unit costs can be lower than duplicate discs
  • The offset printing and screen printing is available for the replicated discs
  • Replicated DVDs can have one layer of information, two layers on one side, one layer on each side, or two layers on every side


There are many different uses when it comes to DVD duplication and replication.

They can be used to duplicate or replicate homemade movies or movies created by a producer. Barcodes can be added to the cases for resale, or they can be left off in case you just want to hand them out for promotional purposes.

DVDs can be used to store information for business, such as videos from potential clients, customers, or even potential employees. They can also be used to store presentations and documents for distribution.

In addition, video games can be duplicated onto DVDs for use in certain game consoles and on computers or laptops.

Anything that can go onto a DVD can be duplicated or replicated by a professional. Just be sure to specify which type you’d like and get a quote!

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