Website Designing tips to make your website more alluring

by | Mar 27, 2012 | Web Developer

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Website Designing

Website Designing

With the world going online, business houses around the world have started publishing their own customized websites. Design is one of the most important facets of a website. Website designing can however be a difficult task and should therefore be entrusted to professionals as the first impression of your website if often the last.

The following website designing tips can be used to make your website more attractive and alluring:

Fine balance of text and Images

Your website should not contain only text or only images, it should contain a fine balance of both. While website designing keep in mind to lay out the texts and images in such a way that your website does not look too cluttered or packed. One way of doing this is by adding hyper-links to words which need further explanation.

Colour Contrast

Your website should contain contrasting colours, to make it more appealing to visitors and grab their attention. You can use black and white, red and green, blue and yellow and various other sets of contrasting colours. You should also keep in mind to use colours which compliment your business logo.


You need to keep in mind to use colours according to the market segment you’re targeting. For example if you’re dealing in cosmetics, you should use shades of red, pink, purple, etc or colours which compliment these colours. You should also avoid using too many colours on your website as it will make it more gaudy, stick to a set of 2 or 3 colours.

Avoid Plagiarism

Make sure that you do not copy images or content from other websites as this is actually plagiarising. If you like an image in a website you come across, make sure to obtain the permission required to use such an image otherwise this would be a case or plagiarism.

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