Shopping for a Payroll Software Solution? 6 Questions to Ask

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Software

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When you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur and you’ve got a lean team, using the right tools can help a lot in keeping your business on track. Looking for the payroll processing software that’s right for you?

Here are 6 questions to help you choose the best one:

Do you need all those features?

Many software options come loaded with a ton of advanced features and choices. But these options won’t do your company a lot of good if they’re designed for Fortune 500 companies instead. Skip the bells and whistles and go straight for the basics.

Does it have mobile access?

With many employees working from home, having mobile access to the system can be a godsend, allowing staff to access anything they need, from PTO balances to essential tax-forms, says Business News Daily.

Is it easy to use?

Go for a payroll processing software that’s easy and simple to use. That’s going to encourage user adoption that much faster as well as enable shorter processing times and speedier results.

Is it compatible?

No sense in paying for software that’s not compatible with any of the major software products or systems you use. Check beforehand so you won’t make such a costly mistake.

Does it have a free trial version?

Plenty of software products out in the market provide consumers with a free sample of what they have on offer. That’s usually an excellent way to get a gauge on whether that product is a good fit for your team or not. Let your team try it out for a few weeks and ask for feedback.

Does it scale?

Buy with an eye to the future. If you plan on expanding your team and business soon, choose a software solution that’s going to be easy and cost-effective to scale. Visit site for more information.

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