Making Salesforce Integration Work For You

by | Jun 9, 2017 | Software Development

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A platform, app, website or any other technology is only beneficial if it is helping to make a business more effective, efficient and profitable. Too often companies use technology without understanding the full potential, which still provides some advantages, but it also means missing possibilities.

Salesforce integration is a good example of technology or an option to a platform that is not being used by most businesses to the fullest potential. The use of integration, or allowing different apps to use shared data, provides a complete picture of the business that is comprehensive and relies on the most current and accurate data.

Here are several ways that using Salesforce integration with current apps allows you to keep using the apps the team is comfortable with while also having access to uniform and unified data for more effective, efficient and complete customer relationship management.

  • Better tracking – when all apps in use or sharing data about customers in the same database, it is easier to track trends and changes in customer behavior, usage, and purchases.
  • Faster data access – it is not uncommon for data to be entered into one app and then be transferred to another. With Salesforce integration this is all done automatically, avoiding the delay in transmitting data and allowing all authorized apps to the access to the most current data.
  • Better payment processes – by integrating with Salesforce, you can offer a wider range of payment options for customers. This is beyond just mobile pay and can include using programs on apps to read smart chips in cards for safe payment processing that is integrated into your shipping and inventory apps.
  • Combine sales opportunities – by using the technology; it is easier for a traditional type of business to have an eCommerce site and to effectively manage inventory in real time across both the physical store and the online sales department.

Whenever a lack of data or a problem with the processing of data is occurring on a platform, it is possible to use Salesforce to address the issues and make the process better for both the company and the customer.

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