Five Reasons your Business needs a Blog

by | May 21, 2014 | Web Developer

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You are probably sick of hearing about blogs yet you probably find yourself searching up information and referring to industry blogs when doing research for your business. You want to be the go to blog in your industry to remain competitive and become the voice of authority customers will turn to when they are shopping for products and services. Here are five reasons you need a blog:

1. Current Events: When you blog you are demonstrating that your company is always up on current events in your industry. It offers fresh new info on a regular basis and is a good indication that you find your industry interesting and have knowledge to share. The more timely your info, the more up to date you will appear to potential clients.

2. Staying Smart: Whether you hire Chicago Illinois SEO services to write the content or are writing it yourself you will be learning a lot about your industry by having a blog. You will at least have to approve the blogs provided or have someone in your business research and keep up to date on information. This will keep you and your team smart about your own industry and always know what is happening in your own industry.

3. Teachable Moments: Your blog is a teachable moment you will share with your customers. If you can prove you have something to teach your readers they will begin to trust you. You will build trust as an authority and people will depend on you. You can communicate about your latest endeavors and keep people interested in what your business has to say.

4. Search Engine Optimization: Enough said.

5. Collect Customer Insight: A blog can help you collect information from your customers and can work very well especially when used in hand with social media. You can start some conversations and even work hand in hand with social media to collect ideas about what people want to know. This can provide you with content ideas and keep people engaged when you are addressing information they want to read about.

Your business will have much to gain by keeping an up to date blog for your customers. You can set yourself up as industry experts, create an online persona people will trust and continue to provide information to your customers that is new and interesting.

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