Why Buy Automotive Repair Software for Home Use

by | Jan 12, 2017 | Software

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Most shops now are switching to automated platforms for managing their data and expediting repairs to customer’s vehicles. They are able to do this because of the convenience of using automotive shop software. This software is not only for shops, however. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using this software in your own home garage.


While commercial software is generally out of reach of most home users, there are several software makers out there who sell home and personal versions of their software. These usually have limited functionality compared to their commercial siblings. Most of the time, these limitations are not anything you, as a home user, will miss. An example would be storing customer data. As a home user, you are not going to be storing data for hundreds of customers, so this feature can be locked down to allow a maximum of a set number of vehicles. This will still allow you to store your vehicle data, but not run a repair shop with it.

Repair Guides

This is one that is going to benefit the shade tree mechanic just as much as the professional, maybe even more so. The professional mechanic is going to already have all of the guides he needs at his disposal and years of experience. For your average shade tree mechanic, a Haynes or Chilton manual is usually all you will have access to without spending hundreds for a factory service manual. These can be difficult to find depending on the vehicle and are guaranteed to be expensive. This is where a auto repair shop software comes in. These usually include labor guides with the software which can even include videos walking you through difficult parts of the repair. When you consider the alternative of searching the internet only to find a low quality video of the wrong vehicle you will be thankful for this information.

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