What are the Benefits of Using CAD CAE?

by | Dec 19, 2016 | Computers

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CAD CAE is computer aided design and computer aided engineering respectively, and though both these software tools work on 3D models, there is a huge difference in the purpose of using these tools.

CAD is all about the creation and generation of the 3D model, in other words – the design; whereas CAE is all about testing the characteristics (like material, fatigue, strength of the product) using engineering methods.

Benefits of CAD

The advantages of CAD software include the ability to produce very accurate designs. Both 2 and 3 dimensional drawings can be created and rotated on computer screens.

Other computer programs can also be linked to this software and unlike manual drafting, you do not have to determine the scale of the view, before you start drawing.

Benefits of CAE

Reducing the overall cost of production and the time it takes to develop the product is the biggest advantage of CAE. It also ensures that the products are of higher quality and more durable. It also eliminates the need of relying on the costly and time consuming process of creating and testing physical prototypes because engineers can use computer based simulations to refine and evaluate their designs.

Frequent changes to the design of the product makes product design and manufacturing very cash intensive. CAE enables engineers and designers to make changes in the earlier stages and detect faults with the product in time to eliminate them.

Together both CAD CAE integrated software tools help designers and engineers through the stages of designing, prototyping, testing and manufacturing the end- product.

About the Company

Engineering Science Analysis Corporation is a business that specializes in computer aided design and computer aided engineering solutions as its core business activities since 1991. Besides, they also provide product design and development, and simulation and analysis services, as well.

ESA consistently reduces overall costs for their customers when they help reduce the time for product development by using their advanced CAD CAE software tools for analysis, design, and manufacture. You are welcome to contact them through their website or call them at 480-460-3727.

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