Steer Clear of These 5 Web Design Missteps with the Right Web Design Services

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Internet Marketing

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Mistakes in your site can negatively impact your business. Read on so you’ll know enough to steer clear of the following missteps.

Disabled back button

A lot of site authors think disabling the back button is a good idea. But all that does is annoy your viewers. Have your website design specialist fix this problem so you won’t drive viewers and potential customers away, the Entrepreneur says.

Inaccessible information

It’s important that your contact information is always easy to find and accessible on your site. But plenty of site owners make the mistake of hiding these details. Viewers may take that as a red flag and decide to look elsewhere. That’s something expert site builders can fix. By hiring web design services in Birmingham AL, you can find an easy and convenient solution to your problems.

Broken links

Say your viewers are browsing around when they click on a link and end up in a 404 page. Dead links are a missed opportunity. They waste your online resources. Make sure to eliminate those dead links and pages right away. If you’re too busy managing your business, though, no worries. Pay for web design services in Birmingham AL and you’ll have someone to fix your dead links for you.

Slow upload times

People appreciate fast results. That applies to your site’s loading speed. If it’s even only a few seconds too long, you could lose potential customers. Those who don’t want to wait will simply jump ship and check out other options.

Outdated information

We get it: you’re busy. But that’s a good enough reason not to double-check the information on your site to make sure it’s correct and accurate. If the information is old or erroneous in any way, then that could lose you a lot of potential sales and revenue. Hire pros to maintain your site pages to ensure the accuracy of your contact information.

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