Statewide Oregon Tech Specialists Encourage VOIP Safety Measures

by | Jun 30, 2022 | Computer Security Service

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Voice over IP services is usually considered safer and more secure than most traditional types of telephony. This is especially the case for those who are considering replacing some sort of mobile cellular service with a VoIP package. Unfortunately, there are still a number of risks to take into account when dealing with them according to a new report filed by a group of local Oregon online security specialists.

Judging by publications put out by IT managed services in Oregon, it’s easier for organizations to lock down their VoIP accounts when they have sufficient numbers of technicians to do the job. That might mean that those who don’t already work with IT-managed services in Oregon will want to find someone they trust to take care of these extremely sensitive chores.

Managers should also keep in mind that the use of softphone technology allows people to take a number with them wherever they go. In theory, a bad actor could impersonate an office that they used to work for merely by transferring their phone account over. It’s therefore vital that all softphone accounts go through a sunsetting process each time somebody leaves an organization.

Softphones pose a few other unusual security risks because they’re connected to the web as a whole. It’s theoretically possible for someone to gain control of one if it’s not hidden behind a firewall. Properly configuring one can help to reduce the chances of this kind of attack ever taking place.

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