Signs of a Bad Hosting Service

Looking for a web host for your dedicated SQL database is a little like hunting for a new home. Whether you are looking for a house or an apartment, you have specific criteria in mind. For instance, you could be looking at an impressive house at the fantastic rate and with just about every amenity possible. Then you find out that the neighborhood has a high property crime rate, your next-door neighbor is raising Jurassic mosquitos as a hobby, there’s no internet, and you can’t raise two bars on your phone.

“But it’s a bargain!” You buy some citronella candles, security cameras, and give up Candy Crush.

A short time later, you are most sorry indeed.

Here are the two biggest signs you should look for – and run away from – in a bad web host.

1. They will not guarantee 99% uptime. Too much downtime can cost a lot of money, whether you are hosting a website or keeping precious data on a dedicated SQL database. This guarantee does not cover planned downtime, which means that the server has been taken off-line for upgrades and updates. Unplanned downtime can indicate poor security, a malicious user, or operator errors (22 percent of all outages are a result of the human error).

2. They can’t tell you much about their security practices. In the age of Meltdown and Spectre, maintaining hardware and software with appropriate security patches, updates, service packs, and upgrades is an urgent matter. Look into the kind of security that the prospective hosting company provides. Make an issue of backups, and find out if they are located away from the main server, and the frequency with which backups are conducted. Check for network monitoring best practices, scanning and removal of malware and viruses, user permissions, and other security best practices.

When it comes to dedicated hosting, don’t roll the dice. Look for a company that adheres strictly to best practices, hears your concerns, and will be there for you and your data 24-7.

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