Share the Beauty of a Loved One’s Life and Passing in a Lafayette Funeral

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Business

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Losing a person who has been an essential part of your life is painful. It’s a goodbye in this world until you meet again in the next. Partings are never easy. However, the funeral service in Lafayette can help you and others to get through this difficult time. This is your chance to bring people together in a celebration of a life as you come to terms with your loved one’s passing.

Planning a funeral service in Lafayette is the final gift you can give to your loved one on the journey into the Afterlife. You can keep with the traditions that have been held by the one you love when it comes to his or her faith. As a Catholic, it will mean holding a vigil. This is the period when everyone gathers and is able to have a visitation as they view the loved one or beloved pictures. You’ll be able to console one another as you share memories of happy times. The funeral mass will come next as all in attendance are reminded that death is not truly the end. The Catholic Church rests on the firm believe and faith that there is a resurrection after death. The final step is the Committal as the body is laid to rest during the burial. Final prayers will be given at this time. You can have assistance and guidance through the planning of every stage of the funeral service. Learn more when you explore your options at Queen of Heaven Cemetery & Funeral Center.

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