Search Engine Optimization Gets You Out of the Shuffle

by | Jun 10, 2013 | Web Design

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Every business owner has done it. They punch their business’s name into Google and they wait eagerly for the results. After clicking through page after page, they finally discover their website lost in the shuffle; buried amongst hundreds of other listings. Your competitors are on the first page, so why aren’t you there? It all boils down to search engine optimization. Jacksonville business owners like you are turning to this useful tool to get their sites out of the shuffle and into the browsers of targeted consumers.

What is It?
So what exactly is “search engine optimization”? Better known as SEO, a segment of this powerful method involves placing keywords and phrases among the copy of a website, blog or article which can help boost a site’s placement when consumers search for these words or phrases. However, there much more to it these days and there is somewhat of an art to this process – so it’s important that it’s done correctly. If not, there could be consequences that end up causing your plan to backfire!

Who Does It?
If you want to make sure that your site doesn’t get banned from Google or Yahoo, turn to the professionals. Online marketing companies often offer search engine optimization packages that will get you started and improve your current standings. They’ll know how to avoid “keyword stuffing” and they can even give you suggestions in terms of what keywords are most beneficial for your brand. While some may seem obvious, adding geographical tags can also be a great way to ensure you’re reaching a local market.

A Strong Online Presence
With most consumers doing their shopping on the web, you’d be crazy to let your brand slip off of the radar! By keeping up with trends, ensuring you’re reaching your target demographic effectively and constantly updating your content, you’ll be doing everything you can to work your way to the top and, most importantly, stay there!

If you’d like to learn more about search engine optimization in Jacksonville, visit SearchXcel’s website at. Here, you’ll discover the basics of their SEO packages and you can even explore their other service offerings like social media marketing and web design. Kick start your company’s online presence today with SearchXcel!


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