How Kenyan Businesses Can Write the Perfect Call to Action

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Web Design

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You might have much to offer your customers and clients, but how do you engage them so you can help meet their needs? A key to increasing customer response when digital marketing in Kenya may be in how you call customers to action in your business blogs and social media posts.

Choose a Goal

What do you want readers to do after reading your post? You can direct readers toward your goal with the language you use. For example, if your post is about a service your business offers, then you can make your goal engagement with you about that service through a blog comment, a social media share, or by calling your business to find out more.

Offer Value

To further encourage readers to meet your goal, you can focus on what value they might find in your post and how it relates to the products and services you offer. What does your client need that you can provide? How might your service or product benefit them?

Command Your Audience

When writing your call to action, strong command words can influence a reader to act on that call. You should consider using the strongest word which can spark that action. It may help to be as concise as possible, so your language remains very strong and direct. Language which is inspiring and motivating may lead your customers to engage your content.

Make It Memorable

Readers may be more likely to listen to your call to action if it strikes a vivid image in their minds. Using a catchy headline is one way to encourage readers to click on your post. Another way is to incorporate a powerful or humorous image which relates to your content. You can increase your reach in digital marketing in Kenya by being memorable and unique.

Give a Reward

You may not always be able to give a reward to your readers, but offering a raffle for prizes and rewards occasionally can keep readers coming back. Offering one-on-one consultations, gift certificates, marketing and promotional items like logo hats or mugs, and even books related to your industry or services can increase your readership. There are many marketing tools which allow readers to share your posts for more entries into raffles. You may want to check with your local and federal laws as some industries might have regulations on raffles and giveaways.


Writing a great call to action can help you improve your success with digital marketing in Kenya. Considering your goals and how you want the reader to respond can help guide you in motivating your customers to further action. To know more Click Here.

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