How Demand Planning and Forecasting Promotes Superior Inventory Management

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Supply Chain Management

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Inventory management is a concern for any retail business, no matter its size. Demand planning and forecasting can play a major role in helping businesses improve their inventory management in numerous ways, making it important to consider among a business’s arsenal of tools. With software that can provide assistance in demand planning and forecasting, businesses can help mitigate concerns over increasing levels of out-of-stock items, which in turn can lead to lost sales and customer complaints. However, this isn’t the only way this tool can help businesses.

What Can Demand Planning and Forecasting Do For Businesses?

With demand planning and forecasting, businesses have a powerful tool at their disposal to begin building a sales plan that takes into account everything, from inventory planning to purchase planning, replenishment and much more. That is because this tool empowers businesses to begin taking note of critical details, such as what they will be selling, how much they plan to sell and when, as well as other important details like the sales channels they will be using and who their customers will ultimately be. Overall, demand planning and forecasting is what helps businesses effectively model details regarding their purchasing patterns and crucial information about inventory, preventing issues, such as out-of-stock items and overstocking.

How to Choose the Best Demand Planning and Forecasting Tools

When a business begins searching for the demand planning and forecasting tools they will be using, there are several things they must bear in mind. Chief among these is whether the model of said tool is appropriate for their business. There are many demand planning and forecasting models available, and finding the right one for one’s business can be important in ensuring the best inventory management practices possible. Additionally, it’s important to think about the technology behind the demand planning and forecasting tools and whether that technology will be able to keep up with a business’s demands.

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