Effectively Advertising on Social Media

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Internet Marketing

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You may already know this, but as the years pass on, it becomes more difficult to ensure your content is noticed. There’s nowhere that this is more true than in the realm of social media. Organic traffic may show traffic, but good content acts as a portal for qualified clients who are more likely to make a purchase. Social media advertising in South Louisiana, is one way to do that consistently. We have some tips to be sure you get the most out of it.

Improve Quality Score

Google uses a quality score to determine the relevance and quality of your PPC advertisements and keywords. Facebook has their own version called a relevancy score, while Twitter’s is named a quality-adjusted bid. Regardless of the name, it’s important. When you have a higher score, you’re going to get better impressions & shares for the same amount of money. If your score is low, the impressions will drop, and engagement has a higher cost.

Audience Targeting

Attempting to target every single one of your fans is not a great idea. You will have people of different preferences, incomes, values, and interests. Target a portion of your fans with hashtags or content and you’ll find that those people become more engaged. Knowing which audience to target and which keywords to use is crucial in social media advertising in Louisiana or anywhere else for that matter.

Free Clicks

Many people on Twitter rely on tweet engagements, which isn’t the best plan. You pay for every person who engages by expanding your tweet or viewing your profile. Instead, what you should pay for only what your company most wants. This might be followers, app installs, or leads. Try a follower’s campaign on Twitter to promote your content but only pay for follows.

Promote Video

Videos can be a fantastic way to drive engagement. Those who watch videos are not only more likely to remember you later but more likely to purchase from you. We recommend you promote your videos which have a proven track record and make sure the video can be understood without audio. This is a great way to bring in new potential customers.

Mastering Social Media

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