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by | Jun 30, 2016 | Internet Cafe

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Sweepstakes games present a profitable addition to the service offering at your internet café. There’s a lot of potential in this business, but a lot of pitfalls, too. One of the first thing we tell any prospective client is to visit an internet café and see how the business operates at the storefront level. Ordinances vary from state to state, and even by county and municipality, with – for instance – the LA Times reporting that California Supreme Court ruled for regulating sweepstakes games as actual slot machines, and a judge in El Paso ruling against a Native American casino company, calling the games “illegal lotteries.”

Not “Set It and Forget It”

It takes a fair about of legwork to get a profitable internet café up and running. We recommend going through the process from actually playing the games yourself, to visiting established cyber cafes to see how they are run. Then comes the hard part – finding a location that complies with regulations and laws, and layout out for the hard costs of furniture, equipment, and décor. You’ll also need to identify and budget for licenses, inspections, and incorporation fees. It does cost money to start up, and there are ongoing expenses, but the return per terminal in a well-run café can still put profit in your pocket.

For our clients, we help them with this entire process, from finding the ideal location for your internet café to actually selecting which games are the most profitable in your local area.

Do Your Homework!

More than anything, what keeps players coming back to their favorite internet café games is the chance that they will win a prize, and there are sweepstakes companies that promise, but don’t deliver. Partnering with a reputable company with exciting games and great prizes is key to your success, and the word of mouth advertising that no amount of ad budget can buy.

In this business, the right choice of sweepstakes games can make or break you. A good internet sweepstakes games provider will have a good selection for you to choose from. Ideally at least 40 web based sweepstakes games, though we provide over 100 for our clients.

CALL NOW for a FREE ‘Sweepstakes Success’ consultation RiverSlot USA – (855)877-4837. You can connect with them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for further news and updates!

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