8 Handy Pointers on What a Restaurant Website Should Be

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Web Design

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It’s not always easy to strike the perfect balance between art and function when you’re building a restaurant site. That’s why it’s smart to consult a professional restaurant mobile website builder to know if you’re on the right track. Want tips? Here are plenty of suggestions from Visual Heirarchy on what a great restaurant website should be:

1. Know your market.
If you’re near a series of office buildings, then you could be the local lunch place for the business crowd or a great watering hole at night. Match your marketing, décor, and food to your crowd. Or offer specials that you know your market will love.

2. Use Hi-res photos.
Your food is your ultimate calling card. If people like—love or drool—over what they see, then they’ll find a way to get to your place.

3. Put up your menu.
Customers often look for this, first thing. Make it easy to find. Also, don’t make your menu into a cumbersome 5MB or 10MB pdf file that your online customers need to download. That’s an unnecessary hassle. Just put up your menu on easy to navigate pages.

4. Give it your unique stamp.
If your restaurant has the vibe of a Mexican cantina, make sure your website design reflects that. Be consistent, from the colors and language to the images you use.

5. Provide a map.
Make it easier for your customers to find your place. Give them an easy-to-understand map to lead them back to your restaurant. Hooray for technology!

6. Take advantage of online resources.
Register with sites like Google for Business. This puts you on the map so when someone searches for, say, Mexican food in your area, your restaurant would pop out and be right on the list of choices. That’s free exposure. The greater exposure you have, the bigger your customer reach will be. That means more customers—and money—coming in.

7. Use color effectively.
Fast food restaurant sites often use a lot of active colors like red and orange. Fancy dining places often have a lot of pastel shades. So whatever color palette you pick, make sure it’s an accurate match for your restaurant’s food, theme and ambiance in real life.

8. Be everyone’s friend.
One way to get your site’s popularity to soar is to be friendly to everyone. Be welcoming. That makes people feel good. And when they do, they’ll keep coming back for more. And more.

Now that you know some of the basics, you’ll have a better idea of what to do to make your own restaurant website with the help of a professional restaurant mobile website builder.

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