2 Elements That Maybe Affecting Your Practice’s Revenue Cycle in Florida

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Information Technology and Services

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Are you noticing a surge of billing errors and claim denials for your private mental health practice? Are you reviewing claim rejections day after day and are wondering what you can do to reduce or prevent them? Are you looking for a solution to resolve these issues but do not know how or where to start? If so, then here are 2 vital elements of your practice’s revenue cycle that may need immediate attention and who to turn to for help.


One of the main elements that may be affecting your practice’s revenue cycle is the medical billing revenue cycle used when submitting claims to your patient’s insurance provider. As mentioned, a surge of billing errors and claim denials are becoming to be a normal billing routine. This may be due to wrong mental health codes used on the claims or individual codes were used in place of bundled codes.

Inaccurate Patient Data

Another element that may be affecting your practice’s revenue cycle is using inaccurate or outdated patient data. This means your patient may have switched providers which may be causing the claim to be denied or rejected.

Who To Turn To For Help

Perhaps you are wanting to just stay focused on providing your patients with the highest quality care you can. You are now searching for expert medical billing revenue cycle assistance. Visit the professionals at AZZLY. They are a company that understands your practice’s needs. So, when searching for an expert company that can help you with your practice’s medical billing revenue cycle, they are the only ones you should visit.

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