Managed Hosting Solution Benefits

by | Dec 18, 2012 | Web Development

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Anyone who decides to use a managed hosting solution can reap the benefits of security as well as reliability of their IT infrastructure system. Nowadays businesses of all types require some sort of system that allows them to share files, host a website, and other tasks. But, for some companies, the responsibility and daily maintenance that comes along with these systems can become too much. If you are looking for a solution that keeps power in your hands but shares responsibility with a trusted entity, consider a managed hosting solution.

Client-Control is Part of the Equation
Even though the host has more power and responsibility of the server at hand, the client leasing the server still has plenty of say and control. For example, the leasing client is still able to decide what is installed on the server including the operating system, files, data, programs, and anything else that is needed to support the website and any other business efforts. In the event of a managed hosting solution, the hosting company is only expected to protect, manage, and monitor the server’s activity.

Direct Monitoring and Maintenance
While each hosting company will differ in their services, when a client chooses a managed hosting solution, the host company is expected to have comprehensive security measures that are in place to protect any and all data that is stored and shared by the server. To do this, most host companies use the most up-to-date programs and applications that are designed to ward off spyware, spam, and intrusion attempts by hackers.

The host company is also expected to monitor the client’s server 24/7/365. If any suspicious activity or traffic is suspected, the host company should be able to detect the problem and fix it before it impacts the productivity of the server and its users.

Bandwidth Problems are of the Past
One of the most commonly faced issues with companies who are experiencing high levels of traffic to their website is the large amount of bandwidth that is needed to support the volume of traffic. Bandwidth is required to support the transfer of data and files from the server to the visitor’s computer, but the more visitors there are, the more bandwidth that is needed. However, bandwidth doesn’t come at a cheap cost but with the use of a managed host solution, businesses no longer have to worry about such problems. Managed hosts provide the needed bandwidth to ensure quick page loading times.

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